“Enrico Cerovac started documenting skate sessions with friends, trips and anything happening around him, using his father’s HI8 camcorder, back in the late 90s. As a skateboarder, he capitalized on his ability to move and adjust to all environments, both urban and not.

Buildings, streets and people were unaware subjects, that gave him the chance to catch the spirit of his own vision of skateboarding, of that culture and of everything revolving around it. At the same time, during his travels throughout Europe, he shot zillions of pictures, using compact and disposable cameras, for both practical and economic reasons, and collected and classified hundreds of rolls and 
Mini DV tapes.

“Frammenti” springs from the need to gather in one single zine a selection of these picture, taken from the late 90s to this day. From photography to moving images, every shot selected for this project comes from a series of experiences, immortalized by a Sony Mini DV and a Beaulieu Super 8 cameras: these pictures, fostered jealously, are a personal interpretation of all the moments, the places visited and all the people met so far, who shared important experiences with the author and contributed to his personal and professional growth.”
Studio Iknoki

Frammenti, a project by Enrico Cerovac
68 pg. full color photo zine
148×210 mm
Paperback/softcover binding
Color laser print
Printed on Fedrigoni Splendorgel 160g

Edition of 75 (zine+patch)
Special edition of 25 (zine+patch+DVD)

Photos and video: Enrico Cerovac
Texts and graphic design: Studio Iknoki
Patch printed by Perpetual Lab
Music by Larva 108

Frammenti / Making of

360° Video

Director/Camera: Enrico Cerovac
Production company: Fantastificio
Agency: Liqid


My collaboration with the FANTASTIFICIO video production is going on from years. This is one of the works in which I participated

We have designed and produced a video that would work as teaser for the client’s products, and as a web-interactive video for the Home Living section of DIESEL’s web site, accessible on any device.


Scuola Furano

For the official release date of the new and awaited album of Scuola Furano, I produced this mini-documentary for Nano Rec where Borut has unveiled his ideas, his habits in the studio and the stage of development of this new album 108. A quick look on the life of an Italian music producer grew up in the far north east Italian.

directed & edited by Enrico Cerovac

My View

The film was shot on June 21 (2011 in Milan-Italy) during the “GO Skateboarding Day” an annual event that gathers skateboarders of all ages in different cities around the world, an official holiday designed to promote skateboarding, not by chance celebrates the very first day of summer.
This short video documents some of what I saw and lived in that beautiful but muggy day, friends and people I met on my way (about 5 km in city traffic) between Central Station and the Parco Lambro


Iuter Skate Promo

My collaboration with the brand IUTER is going on from years. I’ve been working for them as Marketing Consultant and Team Manager, focusing especially in the skate projects of the brand using all my experiences as film maker and skateboarder myself. This is the “2011 Skate Promo” i shot for IUTER in collaboration with FIAT and INVICTA.

Nike 6.0 – Deejay Tv

Believers is a series of micro-documentaries produced by the tv channel “DeeJay Television”. The aim of the project is to show to the public the world of action sports (such as skateboard, surf and bmx) and to present to people the faces and personalities of the guys behind this movements. The documentaries have been shot by 8 different film makers from different parts of Italy.

Director: Marco Mucig / Enrico Cerovac
Production company: Elita
Executive producer: Claudio Fagnani
Grading: Cromazoo Studio
Audio: Lorenzo Dal Ri

Ultima Spiaggia

“Ultima Spiaggia” is a photo shooting with the photographer Arturo Stanig in collaboration with the Milan’s firm IUTER. The backstage is about the work that has been done during an all day long on a beach of the north east side of Italy, along with two beautiful models in an astonishing environment.
Filmed, edited and direct by: Enrico Cerovac